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Текст песни W.A.S.P. - Can't Die Tonight  - Helldorado (1999)

WASP Can't Die Tonight - Helldorado (1999)

W.A.S.P. - Can't Die Tonight - оригинал текста песни с альбома W.A.S.P. - Helldorado (1999)

Oh yeah, here I go again
Trading my sould to the night - but it's
Alright, I got no pain tonight
My demon alcohol's alive
Oh no I can't stand
Trading nine lives for tonight
But it don't matter much
Cause I don't give a fuck
Hell on wheels I wanna ride

But tonight
No I can't die tonight
Maybe I'll live forever
I just can't die tonight

No I can't die tonight
So high I'll live forever
No I can't die tonight

Whiskey bar superman
I don't give a damn
Oh it's alright
I'm too numb to stand
And I don't give a damn
Oh too high to die

Can't die tonight
No, no not tonight
Can't die tonight
Oh no tonight

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