WASP, Lucky 13 Gagarin 205, Athens, Greece 26/07/2011

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WASP, Lucky 13 Gagarin 205, Athens, Greece 26/07/2011

Сообщение LexaStarZ » 14 май 2014, 22:43

WASP, Lucky 13
Gagarin 205, Athens, Greece

It is more than granted that every time W.A.S.P. decides to pay us a visit, Greek fans will always storm rapidly to see Blackie and his steady –the past few years- company of musicians. After all, there were only 9 months after W.A.S.P.’s last concert in Greece, the band has not come up with new material and the financial crisis were just three factors that would normally deter a heavy attendance…but, the club was almost packed and if you ask me, that’s a pretty good thing, as in a few years we won’t have the chance to enjoy such legendary frontmen as Blackie Lawless…so, let’s grab the chance while we can!

Unfortunately, I missed the opening act so I can’t really comment on their performance. Five minutes past 22:00, the familiar intro with the medley of W.A.S.P. hits in between a sonic pandemonium of sirens rushed through the speakers and a few moments later the American band hit the stage. The stage set was the usual one: three big screens projecting the respected video-clips of the songs (or classic Hollywood films of the past where there was no clip available) and Blackie “hitting” us with hits after hits with a brilliant synchronicity (something that requires a big preparation and rehearsal, as he revealed to us in an exclusive interview a few days back).

In regards with the last show, Blackie was evidently more uplifting and in high spirits. W.A.S.P. presented a 90-minute set list thus adding 2-3 more songs and the band was punctual, precise and tight as ever! The crowd was good but not ecstatic or wild…maybe, this had to do with the fact that they knew what to expect, after all. A noteworthy highlight was when Blackie prompted a fan to step up on stage and sing the chorus of “I Wanna Be Somebody”…of course, Blackie was really cool before the…selection of the lucky fan as he stared down the crowd with an imposing style before making his choice.

All in all, W.A.S.P. appeared as we wanted them to appear, they selected a great set list that included 4 excellent songs from the band’s last two records and I am certain that we will all be there again next time so as to…scream until we like it!

Set List: On Your Knees/The Real Me/L.O.V.E. Machine/Crazy/Live To Die Another Day/Wild Child/Hellion/I Don’t Need No Doctor/Scream Until You Like It/Babylon’s Burning/The Idol/I Wanna Be Somebody/ Encore: Chainsaw Charlie/Heaven’s Hung In Black/Blind In Texas

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