W.A.S.P, Cyanide4 Fuzz Club, Athens, Greece 29/10/2010

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W.A.S.P, Cyanide4 Fuzz Club, Athens, Greece 29/10/2010

Сообщение LexaStarZ » 14 май 2014, 22:42

W.A.S.P, Cyanide4
Fuzz Club, Athens, Greece

During a full three-day concert extravaganza in Athens, all the roads led to Fuzz Club where the much beloved to the Greek metal fans W.A.S.P. were scheduled to appear for a second consecutive year for the promotion of their latest, superb record “Babylon”.

The time schedule was followed accordingly to the press release and the Greek sleaze rock n’ rollers Cyanide 4 opened the show at 20:30 sharp in front of an audience that was steadily filling up the club, luckily for all of us not to a…suffocation degree. Cyanide 4 simply proved once again all that we have been writing for them the past couple of years: it is one of the most hopeful bands in Greece that has absolutely nothing to fear against all the other European outfits of the genre. Well-rehearsed, full of energy and with dynamite songs, they were the ideal “appetizer” for the main menu that was coming up next. I am of the opinion that during their 30-minute set, they managed to win not only the rightful applause by the crowd but also many new fans.

At 21:40 and after a pandemonium of sirens, lights and medley of classic W.A.S.P. songs through the PA system, Blackie and his gang hit the stage causing a delirium of enthusiasm to the fans right from the beginning…the first three songs that they chose to perform were “On Your Knees”, “The Real Me” and “L.O.V.E. Machine”. You can imagine the mayhem below the stage! The stage set was more or less the same as last year with three big screens covering the sides and the center of the stage and displaying the respective video-clip of each song. When there wasn’t a video-clip available for a song (let’s say for instance “Crazy”) various films/excerpts from Hollywood b/w films were shown…all in all, a clever idea, if I may say so…

The band was really tight although Blackie seemed kinda hypotonic or simply typcal to his duties as a performer. Maybe, that was a wrong perception by my side, but having seen him already too many times live in action, I believe that he didn’t reach the maximum of his potentials. In addition, W.A.S.P. presented a set of mere 70 minutes that included just 11 songs (definitely not a full main menu, don’t you agree?). Yes, most of us are aware of the fact that Blackie is not keen of putting on lengthy shows but on the other hand the whole concert was just a big struggle for him…but, again, that’s my impression. Last, the whole sound was much too loud thus creating problems and an overall chaotic result during the concert. Don’t get me wrong…I love W.A.S.P. and I sang with all my strength all the timeless hits and the new (superb) songs that this illustrious figure of the heavy metal scene has written through the years: Blackie Lawless! I am just hoping that next time, W.A.S.P. will go for a bigger in duration show and Blackie will be in a better shape.

Sakis Nikas

On Your Knees, The Real Me, L.O.V.E. Machine, Crazy, Live To Die, Wild Child, Babylon's Burning, The Idol, I Wanna Be Somebody Encore: Heaven's Hung In Black, Blind In Texas